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Taxaroo is a trailblazing cloud-based practice management software, crafted by experts in the tax and accounting field. Aimed at simplifying the growth and management of your virtual or hybrid practice, it’s built on the pillars of confidence and ease. Because of its robust features, Taxaroo equips you with the tools to streamline operations and thrive in today’s evolving landscape.

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tax crm software
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Our Story

Taxaroo was founded in 2014 with a mission to revolutionize practice management for tax and accounting professionals. Our current executive team has extensive industry experience and has run large operations in retail tax, virtual tax, and accounting, as well as crypto.

Taxaroo powered the first national virtual tax franchise, pioneering change. Since then, it’s been rebuilt on modern tech, so it blends longevity with innovation. The result? The most advanced, user-friendly practice management software for small tax, bookkeeping, accounting, and CPA firms.

Our story goes beyond crafting exceptional software because; it’s about offering indispensable industry knowledge and guidance that enables your business to flourish and excel in an ever-evolving landscape.

What is Taxaroo?

Taxaroo is the ultimate AI-powered online practice management solution, expertly merging simplicity and innovation, allowing tax and accounting professionals to build and scale their virtual or hybrid practices seamlessly.

With our industry-leading expertise, we offer more than just software – we provide an all-in-one solution, a secure and compliant platform, and scalable growth opportunities for your business. We are your partners in success and dedicated to helping your firm provide exceptional client experiences and unparalleled service. By staying on the cutting edge of the industry, we give you the tools to exceed your client’s expectations and enhance their satisfaction, fostering lasting relationships and long-term success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower tax, bookkeeping, and CPA firms to thrive in the digital era by fostering innovation and delivering exceptional support.

By leveraging our deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, we offer a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution so that transforms the way you manage your practice. We are laster-focused on helping you to unlock growth opportunities and enhance your quality of life.

Core Commitments

At Taxaroo, we believe in cultivating a strong foundation for success by prioritizing the principles that drive our team and shape our software. Here are the guiding values that help us deliver the best experience for our clients:


We specialize in supporting small firms, providing the essential tools you need to meet your clients’ ever-changing demands.


Taxaroo blends advanced technology with in-depth knowledge, enabling tax and accounting professionals to excel in their daily activities.


We’ve prioritized compliance, and built our platform to uphold the strictest industry standards and best practices, to ensure confidence and trust.

Secured Innovation

At Taxaroo, we’re dedicated to delivering top-tier Practice Management Software, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading tools. Experience a seamless, secure, and efficient user journey through our robust, scalable architecture. Tailored for tax, bookkeeping, accounting, and CPA firms, our platform evolves alongside your needs. Committed to data security and compliance, we consistently enhance our software, ensuring your firm stays ahead. Trust our innovation to uphold your firm’s practice management with pioneering solutions.

Work With Us

At Taxaroo, we’re continually seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our team. If you’re eager to contribute to driving innovation and growth for tax, bookkeeping, and accounting firms nationwide, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us and discover how you can become a part of Team Taxaroo.

Just Be Yourself.

It's Better That Way.


Diversity and respect fuels the people of Taxaroo. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, religion, identity, and experience aligns us with achieving great things.

"At Taxaroo, our goal is to assist tax and accounting professionals to embrace the digital age, with confidence. Our innovative, user-friendly software reflects our dedication to providing the tools and support that enable small firms to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape."


How Can We Help?

In a world of rising client expectations, tax and accounting professionals must continually refine their services. Our team of specialists is here to support you through the transformation of your practice.

Trusted by Over 3,000 Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounting and CPA Firms

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Curious About How Taxaroo Works?

Curious How Taxaroo Works?

Tax & Accounting Professionals Love Us!​

Don’t just take our word for it – Taxaroo’s real-world impact is demonstrated by satisfied clients who experience tangible benefits from our software. Our platform has transformed their operations, and their lives. Allowing them to focus on what really matters: providing exceptional service and growing their businesses.

“Taxaroo has cut our workflow time by 50%, allowing us to focus more on value-add client conversations.”

Brandon Sherman, <span style="font-size: 14px; letter-spacing: normal;">Owner</span>

Brandon Sherman, Owner

Sherman & Associates

“Taxaroo has been a lifesaver for our business this year. We were very lucky to have the tools of Taxaroo.”

Alice Zaganczyk Peterson, CPA

Alice Zaganczyk Peterson, CPA

AM Accounting and Tax Services

“Using Taxaroo, we’re able to smoothly handle 500 returns and generate half a million a year in revenue… with just two employees!”
Karen M. Stevenson, EA, MBA

Karen M. Stevenson, EA, MBA

Stevenson Tax and Accounting

Ranked highest in customer satisfaction

Become part of a growing network of small tax, bookkeeping, accounting and CPA firms that have discovered the benefits of Taxaroo’s cost-effective and easy-to-use practice management software.

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CEO & Founder

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Tax Professional

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